Our Vision

Verso’s core value proposition is to introduce a trading platform that empowers the underserved markets of equity investors that lack a fiat interface into cryptocurrencies to enter into a familiar trading platform, being able to gather intelligently aggregated news feed, track long term performances, while reducing security vulnerability exposures via decentralized wallet management integrations.

Solution Trinity

Decentralized Exchange
The Verso Decentralized Exchange (VDEX) will be an open-sourced initiative based on the 0x protocol to provide trustless and permissionless cryptocurrency spot market trades with zero fees and without counterparty risks. This model is much like how offers over-the-counter, or OTC, trades. However OTC orderbook matching is at a less competitive exchange rate between coins. Liquidity is still sparse in the DEX ecosystem in a peer-to-peer zero-fee trading ecosystem.

Centralized Exchange
This is where the Verso Centralized Exchange (VCEX) comes in to help provide liquidity via Verso’s commitment to hosting richly backed Relayers for a small fee. These Relayers are available as market makers and provide proxy connections into multiple exchanges with additional fees to incentivize the VCEX Relayers to maintain competitive orderbooks.

This injects liquidity into the hybrid exchange ecosystem making up for the wider spread in the VDEX. The interconnected exchanges eventually determines who will fulfill the order and the traders benefit from the best of both worlds

Fiat Gateway
The Verso Fiat Exchange Gateway (VFEG) will enable access to local fiat currencies from local banks within its deployed jurisdictions. The gateway enables local banks that have deployed the technology to be able to transfer funds in and out in exchange for our preferred stablecoin to be exchanged further into traders’ cryptocurrency of choice.

Exchange Gateway
The Verso Cryptocurrency Exchange Gateway (VCEG) will give a boost to trade liquidity. The range of difficulty for these gateways to exist varies depending on the degree of partnership with the exchanges and their API exposures. These range in maturity from CoinBase’s GDAX, to Binance, to Bitstamp, to BitMex, to BittRex, to Poloniex, etc. The evolution of the numerous exchanges will help Verso offer a variety of interconnected exchanges to trade on, ensuring a high degree of liquidity.


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Verso Founded


Executive Summary & Demo Site


Whitepaper 1.0, Seed Funding, Public Demo Site


Verso Exchange Alpha


Verso Exchange Beta

Verso Exchange Launch!


Verso Decentralized Exchange Alpha Launch


Verso Decentralized Exchange Beta Launch


Verso Decentralized Exchange Launch with Multi-Exchange Platform integrations



David Chen

CEO & Founder

David built and lead a staff several hundred members as CTO of an online content distribution firm in Beijing. Prior to that, he was a VP of Engineering at a startup in the Silicon Valley.

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The last marketplace startup company he had helped to build was acquired.

David offers a unique combination of management experience and technical ability with proven history of consistent success. He has 10+ years starting and building large scale multilingual global online marketplaces and 18+ years of experience in the software engineering with various fast paced high tech software companies.

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Jack Chan

Advisor & Interim CTO

Jack has co-founded and joined various startups in the Silicon Valley in software engineering and once lead a small crew to scale a social media-driven web app to a tune of nearly 50 million users.

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He had worked in Fortune 500 companies such as Apple, Adobe and now runs a service oriented Engineering team responsible for managing billions of records in a publicly traded San Francisco Bay Area company called Shutterfly.
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SweeDoon Goh

Head of Platform

SweeDoon has worked in software development at various tech companies in the Silicon Valley. A software technologist with focus on platform development, data processing and analytics.

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He has taken different roles in front-end & back-end development, team lead and software product management. He had spent 18+ years in software development and 10+ years in data workflow and content conversion automation at companies such as Cengage, Sony, Intel. - Show Less


Atlas Yeo


Atlas has joined many start-ups in the Silicon Valley and in various IT roles for many years. Atlas is hands-on, has broad coverage of different IT technology, and also venturing into Dev Ops.

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Atlas also has a good intuition in bridging IT and software development.
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Jishu Wu

Product & Project Manager

Jishu has over 15 years of experience in internet platforms & technologies. In the last 3 years, he managed different products at, China’s top-2 online finance education platform.

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At Dongao, the teams he managed rebuilt the learning platform, mobile application, backend operation and the frontend student center. The new platform now serves millions of students and provides a stable, reliable and safe learning environment.

In addition to his experience in product and project management, Jishu had also co-founded a startup which was funded by Jingdong Investment. The startup provides mobile application development for clients like Ford Motor, Mazda Motor, and marketing services for pharmaceutical companies such as Bayer, Novartis and Pfizer. - Show Less


Wynece Lee

Finance & Administration

Having been in the work force since the 90’s, thus witnessing the boom of the internet, Wynece is no stranger to the constant and rapid evolvement of technology.

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Throughout her over 20 years of experience, focused mainly in the finance and administration divisions of the travel industry, Wynece has been meticulous in all her undertakings.

Finding the perfect balance when pairing the ideal technological solutions with current industry practices is what Wynece does best and what sets her apart from her peers.

She does in-depth research before any decision making and is a well-respected team player who is often referred to as a wise voice of reason by her colleagues. - Show Less


Lu Chen, MBA

Media Director

Founder of WeSFBay Media Corporation and Media Director of several San Francisco/Silicon Valley organizations.

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With her rich experience in social media promotions, she has co-organized and promoted multiple international and domestic events like "2018 World Dance Day", "China: through the lens of America photographer", "2018 San Francisco Qipao Culture Month", and many others.

The media platform (website & mobile apps) that she built is the official platform for several organizations and celebrities. - Show Less


Limin He

UX/UI Designer

Limin He, a UX/UI and industrial designer, has contributed to a variety of new and redesign projects. She recently provided the UX component critical for redesigning a learning platform in China that serves millions of students.

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She has strong experience defining problem statements and evaluating user behavior and cognition to analyze user cases. She has crafted a number of intuitive mobile and desktop user experiences relevant to consumer-facing and enterprising products. - Show Less

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